Anime-Gataris – References Set to Full Blast

anime-gatarisA spunky girl with pastel colored hair, a gokigenyou spouting blond rich girl, a kind of cute animal mascot and an anime club. Take these four things and you have the base ingredients for every high school anime out there. Will we ever get a season without one of these high school club anime shows? That was my first thought before going into this show, having seen too many of these, from Genshiken (which is super good) to Free (hot boys addicted to water).

As you might have guessed, I was not that excited going into this show. But I was actually quite surprised at how much fun I had watching this first episodes. But that was not because of how funny the jokes or the characters were. Instead, I had a blast trying to figure out all of the references to old and new anime that were thrown out a mile a minute. My favorites were “The Girl Who Slept Through Time” and the obvious homage to Macross that the episode opens with.

The episode opens with Minoa Asagaya having a dream about an anime that she used to watch as a kid with singing magical girls and robots (It’s basically Macross btw). But when she wakes up she is not able to remember the name of this show and this bothers her all the way to school. After asking a friend about said anime she gets invited by her high class classmate Arisu Kamiigusa to make a “Anime Research Club” at school. While I say invited, it’s more like she’s being pulled into it against her will.

The only joke that really landed for me was Arisu’s ability to just snap her finger to summon her butler to do her bidding or a bunch of maids to clean up the club room for her seemingly out of the nowhere.


I didn’t expect much, but I might actually give this show at least a few more episodes and see where it goes. Anime-Gataris is available for viewing on Crunchyroll!


Evil or Live – Mean-Spirited and Horrible

evil_or_liveSo I just finished watching the first episode of the new show Evil or Live on Crunchyroll. And I’ve got to say, opening your show with a few minutes of abusing children is not a good look in my opinion. Using things like rape or child abuse to tell us: look, these characters are really evil, is such a overused and clumsy way of going about it and it really left a bad taste in my mouth. This first episode sadly didn’t get much better after this either. Seemingly boring characters and a really dull art-style are the two other things that killed what little excitement that I had for this episode.

In this version of Japan internet addiction has gotten so bad and widespread that the government has decided to open a certain rehabilitation facility (think of the fat camp that Bart Simpson goes to but more extreme). At least they call it rehab facility, when it’s actually more like prison. The story seems to follow Hibiki, who has been forcibly enrolled by his mother due to his extreme internet addiction. Personally I think is was mostly due to him being a total asshole to his mother, but the two can go hand in hand i guess.

Outside of the child abuse that I mentioned earlier, this first episode did the great crime of being really boring. I just couldn’t bring myself to care very much about any of the characters, outside of how horrible those beatings were. All of their personalities were just really bland.

I really can’t find anything good about this first episode, mostly because I get kind of angry just thinking or writing about it. But if you are curious about this train wreck of a first episode it’s available for your viewing displeasure on Crunchyroll.